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Tragedy strikes couple with Down syndrome after celebrating 25 years of marriage together

May 12, 2019 Stories


The phrase “love conquers all,” today has become a cliche notion that often draws its share of eye-rolls and sarcastic remarks from those who’ve yet to find their soulmate.

Nevertheless, the age-old wisdom of this saying has held up since the dawn of humankind and continues to prove its power in the world.

That’s because love is more than simple emotion, it’s a force that drives people every day to do extraordinary things and it’s capable of bringing out the absolute best humanity has to offer.

Kris Scharoun-DeForge and her husband Paul Scharoun-DeForge were both born with the condition known as Down’s syndrome. But despite that, they continued to defy every obstacle and all of the odds against their relationship.

As reported by Reader’s Digest, it’s believed that they were the longest-married Down’s syndrome couple in the world.

Unfortunately, tragedy would strike in early 2019.

Not only were both Paul and Kris together for a long time, but their love story continues to serve as a source of inspiration for budding sweethearts around the world.

The two made their wedding vows some 25 years ago.

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