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most interesting facts you may just learn about keanu reeves

June 5, 2019 Stories


1. Keanu Gets Very Generous With The Production Workers On His Movies 
After the great success of the first ‘Matrix’ film that Reeves reportedly made some $35 million, including his salary and back-end deal, the superstar made a decidedly generous turn when negotiating for the two sequels.
Since Reeves felt that the special effects costume designers and the entire team on The Matrix movies played a crucial role towards the success of his film, he also felt that they really deserved a piece of the profits. He handed over a huge portion of his back-end profit-sharing deal, reportedly giving away over $75 million to crew.
Although the exact amount which was divided among his crew has long been a source of debate, it’s been agreed that a significant portion of his profit sharing was handed over. Also, he gifted the stunt team with the Harley Davidson motorcycles.
2. Keanu Got His Start In Commercials
Reeves has been featured in different films for decades now, but before Bill and Ted, before Speed, and even before Youngblood, he was a just young actor trying to make it big. He dropped out of high school in order to pursue his dream of being a great actor after an injury terminated his hockey playing career. And, like several young actors, Reeves got his start in different commercials, starring in this early 80’s advertisement for Coca-Cola.

3. Lawful Keanu
It is hard to believe someone would try to sue one of the Hollywood’s most lovable and generous actors, but in 2008 Keanu was sued in LA by paparazzo Alison Silva. Alison tried to sue him for $711,974, claiming Keanu hit and even injured him with his car, but was unsuccessful in his pursuit.
Alison’s lawsuit took about 2 years to make it to trial, during that time Silva repeatedly kept on attacking Keanu for payment for his allegations. Eventually, during the trial, his suit was turned down.

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