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Mom Gets Bad Feeling When Strange Couple Stands Closely To Her Daughter, Then She Hears THIS.. OMG!!

April 1, 2017 Stories



Were it not for her strong intuition and swift action, this woman wouldn’t have a daughter today. This story will shock you!

Amanda Cropsey Florczykowski lives in Longview, Texas. She’s a good mom; a smart one for that matter. One day, she went out shopping with her daughter and ended up botching a criminal plot.

So Amanda and her daughter are lining up at the check-out when this “happy” couple approaches them. They look so jovial and taking a special interest in the 2-year-old. They throw some cute comments about her good looks and ask her mom about the kid’s age. Amanda, feeling praised, discloses her daughter’s age to them, and that’s when they try it!

Turns out, these two were human traffickers targeting Amanda’s daughter. At one point, the mom feels uncomfortable with their pestering and wants her kid close to her, but the female stranger doesn’t seem to want to let go of the kid. At that point, Amanda decides to go “ballistics!”

She talks to the cashier and also points out another guy looking at them from a distance. Well, she ended up saving her daughter from a potential tragedy. Great!



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