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Mom Sits Behind NFL Player. After Flight, She Hands Him Note, Says “Read It Later,” And Walks Away


Professional athletes are watched on and off the field by fans of all ages. However, not all of these athletes realize how much power their actions hold and can influence the shape of their fans’ lives especially when we talk about wrong life decisions.

One athlete caught a mother’s attention during a flight, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver, Mohamed Sanu, was on a plane to when his actions caught the attention of a mother who was on the same flight.

The mother was flying with her 10-year-old son, and after watching Sanu on the flight, the mom felt compelled to write a note to Sanu. He shared that letter on Twitter, and we’re glad he did because it’s absolutely amazing.

His actions on this flight weren’t extraordinary for him, but he had no idea he had at that time an audience who were watching him. A 10-year-old boy was observing the star athlete’s every move.

The amazing part about this is that Sanu was seen making a lot of wise choices. Firstly, he was very careful in pouring over his team playbook.

Then, his good manners toward others were very remarkable. Finally, he made healthy eating choices by snacking on fruit and drinking juice.

Actions speak louder than words, and this athlete’s actions spoke loud volumes. The young athlete watching him was deeply impressed, and even though Sanu didn’t notice the family behind him, they certainly noticed him.

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