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She Was Rescued On The Brink Of Death. It’s A Miracle She Can Feel Love!

February 25, 2017 Pets


I’m still trying my best to figure out just why a sane human would go out with a lovely pet, only to dump the poor cutie on the streets. Something must be surely wrong with such people. It’s so inhuman, to say the least. This story highlights the fate of these lovely pets left by their owner behind a McDonald’s joint.

Poptart and her buddy dog were taken to the McDonald’s in Sacramento, California. You can only imagine that these cool pets were so happy to be brought to a fast-food chain store, thinking that their owner was finally developing some love for the good animals and was going to give a nice treat there. Now, imagine the pets’ plight when the owner dumped them in a trash bin behind the store!

It’s heartbreaking, and it’s even more infuriating because it led to the death of Poptart’s friend. The cold was unbearable. Poptart barely survived, only because she managed to hold on until she was saved by the guys from the Sacramento SPCA.

She was taken to a shelter and received medical attention plus all the love in the world. She even made some very good friends over there, but her condition worsened and she passed away in her sleep one day. Art least she felt some love in her last days.

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