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He runs into a building that is burning to save his dog. Would You?

August 24, 2018 Stories


A dog is man’s best friend. In a bath, the rubber ducky isn’t the only thing in the tub with the man, his dog is in there too – “ruff”! Is it weird that this very man runs into a burning building to save this very dog?

This story takes place in Rutherford, Australia. A man saves his dog, “Ditch”, who is the family’s German Shepherd.

The man (Mark Woodbury), went out to his local town’s fishing store to buy supplies for his upcoming fishing trip – leaving Ditch behind. When Mark returns home, his house is sadly on fire with thick black smoke clouding his beautiful property and beyond it. But, the brave and loyal thing Mark did that was very commendable was that he ran inside of his home to save his best friend, Ditch.

Although the thick black smoke disrupted the vision of Mark and the extreme heat that disrupted his comfort, he stuck it out to find his dog. He did, however, exit the home a few times to catch a breath and recuperate, but he continued to re-enter the home to find Ditch.

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