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School stumbles upon chalkboards from 1917 during renovation, perfectly preserved lessons provide rare look into past.

March 27, 2019 Stories


Emerson High School in Oklahoma City is in the focus of the news with their interesting and fascinating discovery. The regular renovation and modernisation of the classrooms of this high school uncovered an amazing well-preserved objects. These object give us a chance to see how people in the past have been teaching and studying.

The school purchased modern smart  boards in order to replace the old chalkboards in the classrooms. While the workers were removing the old chalkboard, they uncovered old well-preserved chalkboards. The old ones would have been thrown away if the workers didn’t see the drawings and the writing on the board.  The words and drawing were done nearly a hundred years ago, in 1917. This fascinated everyone.  

The condition of the writing and the drawings are almost perfect. One part shows the calendar, specifically December 1917.

Another part of the boards is featuring a scene of Thanksgiving Day.

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