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Tiny Kitten Found Alone In Woods Wasn’t What He Seemed

June 13, 2019 Stories


As he was riding his bike, Mathieu Patry noticed something strange near the bike trail. He decided to stop and take a look at what looked like a small furry ball.

When he took a closer look, he realized it was the tiniest kitten he’s ever hold in his hands.

“At first I thought it was a domestic cat,” Patry said. “So I got off the mountain bike to go check.”

But as it turned out, what seemed like an ordinary encounter would turn into something much more interesting.

Mathieu Patry

After he examined the kitten closer, he could tell that it was sort of different from all the other cats he’s seen. It was obvious this wasn’t a typical house cat he was looking at.

“I saw his paws and immediately guessed that it was a lynx,” Patry said. “Then I saw the little round ears, and afterwards I saw that he had just a tiny little tail. I was very surprised to see that it was a lynx.”

Mathieu Patry

After hesitating for a while, whether to take the lynx with him or leave it where he had found it, he decided it it would be for the best not to take it with him, because although his mommy wasn’t near by, he assumed she’ll appear and look for her baby. So, Patry decided to leave the lynx behind, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The next day, he was eager to see whether the animal returned to its mommy so he went to the place where he left it the previous day. To his surprise, the baby lynx was still there, all by himself.

He felt like it couldn’t survive in the wild alone so he put his mind in helping the little one.

Mathieu Patry

The lynx kitten now had a new friend.

Mathieu Patry

Not knowing how to take proper care of the baby once he brought it home, Patry called the wildlife rehabbers at a local zoo for help. They instructed him to feed and water the lynx until he could be placed under their expert care.

Mathieu Patry

When Patry took his new furry pal to the caretakers they told him that the baby was actually older than it looked, but it was tiny because it probably struggled to survive alone in the wild. Hopefully, this lovely baby will be just fine now he is in the right hands.

“The zoo will host him for a while and then release him into the wild, when he is strong enough,” Patry said.

Mathieu Patry

We all pray for this beautiful lynx to find its happiness in the wild once he feels better. And we also thank Patry for taking the animal and giving him a chance for a better life.

“I love all animals, so it was just normal for me to help him if I could,” Patry said.
“I am very happy to know that he is safe and that he is doing well. I am happy that he will survive. He’s so beautiful.”

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