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Vets are de-horning rhinos to save them from poachers, but then at base of the horn—they see it

March 13, 2019 Stories


Illegal poachers and tradershe have always considered the black rhino’s horn as a highly prized item, as well as a weapon to ward off predators. Worried about these wild creatures, conservationists in South Africa decided to remove their horns – and in one removal opeartion, they made a remarkable discovery.

As a Black Rhino had its horn removed as part of a legal de-horning process to protect the endangered animals by deterring poachers they were stunned to discover the perfect shape of a heart running through it.

One young boy is shown below, displaying the rhino’s horn which had been removed in a legal de-horning process.

This extraordinarily rare finding exhibits a brilliantly dark black love heart right in the center of a milky beige animal horn. The magnificent rhino was part of a legal de-horning programme initiated by Dr William Fowlds.

The rhino de-horning process took place at the Kragga Kamma Game Park loacted in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

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