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Vietnam vet poops his pants at Kroger, when employees surround him woman steps in to preserve his dignity

April 12, 2019 Stories


Sometimes you encounter a story or person that restores your faith in humanity in an instant.

This is just one of those stories.

On a perfectly ordinary day, when a woman, Lisa Lemming Jackson, from Georgia, USA, was out shopping at the supermarket. She then encounters a man – who appears to be in need of help.

It’s a testament to the strength and bond humans continue to share with one another, despite all the conflict we see in our world. Moments of compassion such as the one that transpired between Lisa, the man in need of help, and then the store staff, is, to me, simplest proof that “humanity still does care about one another.”

It all began one day in early August, as Lisa Lemming Jackson was out shopping at her local supermarket in Georgia, USA.

As she roamed between aisles, she suddenly made eye contact with an elderly man, with a pained look in his eyes. He certainly looked like he could use some help.

As she looked longer, she realized that something wasn’t right.

And her hunch was right – read Lisa’s own words about the event below:

Lisa Lemming Jackson/Facebook

“Just spent 2 hrs with a elderly man at Kroger. It started with me just smiling at him, making eye contact ….

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