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Woman Discovers Car Filled With Cement, Then Realizes Why (Video)

April 17, 2017 Stories


In an unusual series of events, a disgruntled husband filled his wife’s car with cement as an act of revenge after she changed her surname to the name of a local supermarket (video below).

The story began when the unnamed couple in St. Petersburg, Russia, were experiencing a marital “rough patch,” according to Daily Mail.

Apparently, the wife changed her last name without telling her husband of her plan. The woman changed her name to “Veniy,” the name of the supermarket chain she works for. The name, somewhere ironically, translates to “Loyal.”

It seems the store was having a promotion in which it promised to pay people around $875 a month to change their name to the store’s name, and to pay for as long as the participant kept it that way.

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