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Woman writes this online after finding a disabled veteran in the parking lot

February 13, 2019 Stories


A woman was trying to leave a Walmart parking lot after a long shopping trip when she noticed an old man in a wheelchair struggling to move. The elderly man was in the way as the woman tried to back her car out of a parking spot, leading to situation where she “could not help but cry.”

Read her post below.

Morgan Wheeler

I walked out of Wal Mart today and got in my car. As I began to pull out, I had to wait for a man in a wheelchair to pass by. As I watched him, I noticed that he was missing his right leg from the knee down and was wearing, what appeared to be, old, government issued, combat boots. He was (from my guess) in his late sixties/early seventies and seemed to be stopping to take a break. He had not realized that I had started my car and was attempting to pull out, so when he saw me, he waved in an apologetic manner and rolled forward three more times and took another break.

I backed up my car the inches I had previously pulled forward, put it in park, turned off the engine, and got out. I walked up to him and introduced myself. I asked him if I could assist him with his shopping today, and he, quite grumpily, said that he was doing just fine and was not getting much anyways. Me, being as stubborn as I am, insisted and proceeded to push him and tell him a little about myself. He interrupted me and said that he only needed help to the door, to which I picked up where I had left off before he interrupted me.

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