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Young girl kills herself age 14 – days later dad invites her bullies to funeral and gives them brutal lesson

October 28, 2018 Stories


Bullying is a serious problem these days. Now, with technology rapidly advancing, online bullying or what they call cyber bullying is getting worse every day. Just ask the father of the 14-year-old girl, Amy “Dolly” Everett. Dolly, as she was nicknamed since she started her modeling career at just six-years-old, committed suicide at the young and tender age of 14. All because she was bullied.

Dolly was offered a modeling contract when she was six-years-old to model Akubra Hats. Akubra hats are the symbol of the unspoiled wilderness of Australia. Dolly was soon a famous model for famous hats and her picture was spread all over Australia for everyone to see.

Dolly killed herself because of the way people made her feel about herself. She was brutally bullied in person and online, mostly online where the adults in her life had a hard time intervening about it since they didn’t know anything about it. It makes you sick to think these kids would hide behind a keyboard and a computer screen and bully other kids.

Although Dolly took her own life because of these bullies calling her names, like slut, and doing so online where no one could see them in real life, her father did something no one would ever think to do. He wrote a post on social media, not just in tribute to the sweet young daughter of his but he also did something surprising.

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