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1-Yr-Old Baby Sits in Front of Cake for Photo Shoot. Seconds Later, Family Cant’ Believe What They Were Witnessing

Parents are justified to celebrate the first birthday of their baby since reaching the one-year milestone means a lot. This is because the first 12 months of a baby are normally filled with smiles, frustration, joy and confusion – something that brings about exhaustion.

There are many things which make a birthday complete, a cake being one of them and taking several photos being another. Most parents prefer preparing the “smash cake” during such occasions. The idea behind that is for the baby to have a new treat to try out as opposed to eating the entire of it.

The first bite provides the perfect moment for parents to take photos. While for some babies it is an easy task, some of them can surprise you big time – and that is what baby Leo did. Leo was presented with a birthday cake, but instead of biting it, he had other ideas.

The stage was already set with blue balloons placed behind him and he was already sitting on white sheets. His cake was beautifully decorated and everyone was waiting for his first bite. He started off by poking his finger into the cake and within 12 seconds he peed over it. No one could believe what Leo had just done.

His photo shoot ended prematurely and the cake had to be snatched from him before he could even make a wish.

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