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These 10 daily habits you make make you look bigger than your age!

Do you look older than you? With the exception of genetics, there are several facts that make you older. We have brought you ten habits that make you more fresh without Botox and cosmetic surgery.
Remember that it is not too late to start, so change your lifestyle starting now:

1 – Low-fat meals:

To prevent wrinkles it is necessary to consume omega-3, fatty acids that help maintain skin freshness and softness.
A low-fat diet deprives us of this ingredient, causing premature aging of the skin.

Here are other dietary habits that will allow you to stay younger longer.

2 – Drinking through the suction:

When drinking drinks through the aspirator, you stick to your lips causing lines and rumbling around your mouth. The same is true for smoking.

Try to drink directly from the cup. If you are a smoker, do your best to get rid of it, but the benefits of quitting smoking are enormous.

3 – Sleep on one of your sides:

Sleeping on the side, with your face pressed on the pillow; causes and increases wrinkles on the cheeks and chin. Experts say sleeping on your back is the best way to sleep in this way.

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4 – Sit in a bad position:

Poor posture causes spinal injury and, as a result, muscles and bones become unnaturally tense.

These damages lead to pain and fatigue and often cause permanent deformation.

5. Use Sunblock / Sun Block sunscreen only:

Excessive UV exposure is the main cause of premature skin aging. To protect yourself from harsh sun effects it is important to wear sunscreen even when the weather is cloudy; because clouds prevent less than 20% of UV rays.

6. Excessive use of the heating system:

Excessive use of artificial heating makes the indoor air very dry. Your skin and hair become drier, and you get more wrinkles as a result. Try to lower the heat slightly in your home.

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7. Say no to sugar


We know that sugar is bad for us, yet we insist on it. You should reduce sugars in foods and beverages. Most food companies do not care about your health at all. You do not care about buying them again, so it is not surprising that about 10 tablespoons of sugar is placed in each CAN tube.

So it is normal to know that the title of sugar and salt is white poison. But sometimes you have to give yourself a concession every period if that is what makes you happy.

8. TV viewing:

One statistical study found that every hour spent watching TV reduces the average life by 20 minutes. Experts recommend that people sit on couches in their desks and watch television; they should walk for at least half an hour.

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9. Lack of sleep:

Adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night. Not getting enough sleep not only makes you tired, but shortens your age. So experts recommend going early to bed.

10. Anxiety causes disorganization:

Many studies have shown that chronic stress and anxiety cause serious damage to cells, which may speed up the aging process.
Do not worry, remember to say: “Leave tomorrow, do what you can do today” and try to get everything on time. We recommend some activities that can help you reduce stress.

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