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10 Movies you should see before you reach the age of 30

Being twenty means that you have gone through many educational stages where you have saved a lot of the nonsense of the educational institutions and forgot the most, you mean that you met many types of people and you may think you have learned a lot from them. Being twenty means that you still have a mixture of glamor and rush in your heart, while you tend to look for more stable, quieter, and less adventurous alternatives.

On the other hand, you may find yourself needing more practical knowledge to show you the confusion in many of the things that face you daily and silently. From here, these films, which contain clear and direct messages of this quiet age, brought you to the depths of the depths.

Yes Man: Take life simply

When you reach the age of thirty will undoubtedly be at the mercy of endless pressure and duties are inevitable, which may involuntarily push you to embrace the doctrine of rejection and say no without thinking you believe you have enough to run behind him, this film invites you to take life in its curves more Simply say “yes”. You may open up golden opportunities in terms of which you do not know. Perhaps the good lies in what you see as evil.

Like Stars on Earth: Your difference is the secret of your excellence

I bet you will never regret seeing this masterpiece given by Bollywood, where his love revolves around the young teacher and his student Ashan in a wonderful human drama.

Away from the beautiful and bright colors of our young hero, the magic of the powerful message captures everyone who sees it, where your difference, which everyone thinks is the place of your disability, is the secret of your genius.

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The Intouchables: Be human and enough

Can you honestly ask yourself what is your first impression when someone sees them being robbed by accidents and insults that their ability to walk, look or something similar makes their lives more complicated?

If the answer is compassion … Let’s look at it, it is not the only feeling that awaits you. Whatever you think you feel is pure of your sense, it never fails to remind them of this aspect of their lives.

All that appears to others is the limits of our limited limited eyes, but behind all these visible crust lies the heart, the soul, the conscience, the dreams, and the borderless spectrum that only those with flying souls are aware of. (This is what this wonderful film offers.)

Life of Pi: Do not lose your confidence

The boy “Bai” wrestles with the earth with its surroundings and the sky with its thunder and lightning, and with all this and that is surrounded by predatory animals all over his face. In fact, it is a breathtaking film that can be interpreted at different levels, but what we may see now is that the conditions of life as a whole may manifest itself in the form of a wild tiger you may think is just around the corner, but it may be the reason why you live and invest the stubborn being who lives Inside you.

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Rocky: To learn how to win

The film tells the story of boxing boxer Rocky who begins his life in a meat shop, but his talent and dream of becoming an angel can not stop there enough to start a series of challenges that are very similar to our daily struggles, but far from boxing. The film presents the story of determination and determination mixed with love and hope.

Me Again: A land that is divided into you is the richest people

You must have completed three quarters of your career at this point in your life. You may be sitting behind one of your seats, or running behind your work complaining about all this. I hope your life is different from what you are now.

It is not only you who feel this. People always wish to have what they do not have, or to be unlike what they are, and completely forget that all they are now is the result of previous choices.

This film offers an opportunity to see how things will look like if we change what we are, and view life from a different angle to finish knowing that we may find happiness in what we have and not what we want to be.

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AUGUST RUSH: Hope remains as long as the soul remains in the flesh


Two talents meet unexpectedly to give birth to the small miracle of “Ivan Taylor”, each of whom goes on his way.

All you have to do while you watch this movie is to open your ears … to listen and enjoy, with everything that is given to you, especially to you, and to the universe in general. The film offers a gentle touch of music, love and deep fulfillment as you will find in your soul.

The Ultimate Gift: You will gain a lot of treasures before you reach your last treasure

فيلم The Ultimate Gift

This is what happened to the hero of this film, where his grandfather leaves him a guardian with all his money, but before all this he must achieve and accomplish a good number of tasks to finally possess this great wealth .

In fact, all that matters in this film is the journey of this young man’s arrival to what he wants through the requests of his deceased grandfather and his accomplishment, which is overseen by an old friend. The film highlights the importance of working not only to earn money and the importance of having honest friends.

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The social network: The power of youth in the heart of scales

فيلم The social network

In fact, the story of Marc, who created the Facebook site, has become an inspirational story for many young people not only because he is a genius programmer, not because he is on the richest list of the world, but because he rejuvenated his youth through this social network, And slept in addition to the coup in the world of marketing and media and various areas.

This film gives you a closer look at the most striking phenomena that have upset the balance of social communication among people through the eyes of young people who are at such a age.

The Family Man: Life has many faces

فيلم The Ultimate Gift

I do not think there is a better ending to this list than this film. It is very nice to be successful working hard and rising in the ladder of your job. But that is not all. In life, many things deserve experience and waste some time. It is your family, your sincere friends and those who are on tiptoe who share your joys, joys, and sunsets.

If you have reached this stage of life, and you have reached the last words of my article, this will be my last and golden advice to you not to be alone and not to leave your loved ones.

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