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10 years later she meets her childhood bully and serves him with the sweetest revenge ever

Serving revenge can’t be better than what one woman did in the story you are about to read. When Louisa Manning was 12 years of age, she was overweight and bullies took advantage of her and called her all sorts of names. She remembers well one older boy who used to call her “man-beast’ and “hairy.”

Back then, she was struggling with eating disorders.

It was until when she was in college that she managed to turn everything around. Her confidence and health were back.

Then 10 years later, while attending a sporting event at the college, Louisa came face to face with the boy who used to bully her. The former bully never recognized the girl who he was ready to flirt with and even went ahead and requested to take her out for a date.

That is when Louisa got the chance of coming up with a clever plan. She promised the former bully that she was going to meet him at a restaurant. Instead of showing up, Louisa gave a letter to a waiter which was to be delivered to him.

Watch the sweet revenge in the video below and SHARE with all to discourage bullying!

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