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109-Year-Old Woman Says That The Secret To A Long Life Is Avoiding Men

She has a couple more secrets too.

#1 The Oldest Person?

Jessie Gallan has recently turned 109. That’s quite impressive, right? This Scottish lassie was born in 1906!

#2 Chirpy And Mobile

She’s still mobile and excercises as much as possible. She’s chirpy, and friendly, and has an impressive memory. And she’s absolutely lucid.

#3 Good Friends

She has several very good friends, and is always in a good mood.

#4 The secret?

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When asked what the secret for a long, healthy life is, she said: “A long life, a… well, a long life, you just, you just fill in every day as as possible. I used to do do a lot of knitting.” Then she added: ” I’ve never had to depend on anybody.” Maybe that’s her secret?

#5 Never Married

Rebecca never got married. She never lost her sense of humor, and eats oatmeal (porridge) every morning. And she enjoys her life. “I’ve had my ups and downs like everyone, but I’m fine.”
She certainly is!

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