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12-yr-old sends ‘invitation’ to her sister’s bullies – tremble when they read the inside

October 27, 2018 Stories


Bullying has always been an issue in schools, but it seems to have become much more rampant in recent years. Despite all of the campaigns against bullying and the best efforts of teachers and administrators, some kids just refuse to stop.

One little girl was getting bullied at school by some of her classmates. When her 12-year-old sister Ava found out about it, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and her solution is brilliant!

The tween created an invitation on bright pink paper. On the outside, it said, “You’re invited!”

The idea was to make these girls think they were being invited to a party or a slumber party by one of the cool, older girls at school, but when they opened up the card they were in for a rude awakening.

“You are officially invited to stop being jerks to my sister!” Ava wrote.

Then she added in the details that would usually be included in an invitation.

When: Right now!!

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