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These 2 Were Meant For Each Other, Their Meeting Was A Life-Changer!

Walking was one of things that Bella could not do until an angel came along. She had a walking disorder and that meant she could only move with the help of crutches. George, a service dog, was the angel that came along and did the miracle. He showered the little girl with love and as days went by, she was able to get her freedom back.

In the clip below, Bella thought of the best way of saying “thank you,” and with the help of her parents, she managed to do it. She did that by pampering George with all the things he loved and the experience was a great one.

You need to watch the precious moment below and learn the important things that dogs can bring to our lives and the need to respect them.

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She needed him, so fate brought them together.

Publié par BarkBox sur lundi 7 mars 2016

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