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20 Badass And Little-Known Facts About Jackie Chan.

1/20. Due to an on-set stunt accident, Jackie has a permanent plastic plug in his skull.

2/20. He received the name “Jackie” from fellow workers on a construction site in Australia, who couldn’t pronounce his real name, which is actually Chan Kong-sang. Kong Sang means “Born In Hong Kong.

3/20. In the act of performing his own stunts, he has broken his nose three times, his ankle once, most of the fingers in his hand, both cheekbones and his skull.

4/20. He was to star in a film entitled “Nosebleed”, but the project was canceled after the World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001. He was to play a window-washer at the WTC who has to stop a terrorist plot.

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5/20. He worked with Bruce Lee as a stunt coordinator. Says the most painful of all the injuries he’s sustained in his career happened on Enter the Dragon (1973), when Bruce Lee accidentally hit him in the face with a nunchuck.

6/20. Most often dubs his own voice for the English release of his Asian films. He also dubs his Asian films in Mandarin.

7/20. He has his own stunt team, known as the Sing Ga Ban (Jackie Chan Stuntman Association). Members of the team appear as extras in his films. The team includes Andy Kay, Chung Cheng, Chung Chi Li(Nicky Li), and Bradley James Allan. Jackie and his stunt team have no insurance, so he pays for himself and his team.

8/20. In his action scenes, his punches and kicks actually connect with their targets. He has his actors wear special padding in their feet and body to prevent serious injury.

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9/20. Has a great, long-lasting relationship with Mitsubishi Motors. The company has donated many of their automobiles for his films.

10/20. He is trained in Northern & Southern styles of Kung-Fu as well as other styles of Martial Arts including Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Hapkido. Chan also has some experience in Jeet Kune Do having studied under Bruce Lee.

11/20. Despite being known for his extraordinary combat skills, Jackie abhors violence in real life and claims to having only been in one fight his entire life and only then because his friends dragged him into it.

12/20. His greatest regret in life is not having received a proper education, inspiring him to fund educational institutions around the world.

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13/20. During the fight scenes, Jackie and the stunt fighters communicate by making specific grunting noises.

14/20. He was sucker punched by one of his fans while filming Rush Hour 2 (2001) because the fan thought he would block the punch. [April, 2001]

15/20. Jackie Chan’s son will get none of his $130 Million fortune. According to him, If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money.

16/20. Chan said in an interview that his inspiration to perform stunts was from films such as ‘The General’ where Buster Keaton performed his own stunts.

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17/20. Jackie Chan used to carry multiple guns and even a grenade to protect himself and his other artists from The Triad in the 1980s and 1990s.

18/20. Jackie sang “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan in Chinese.

19/20. Jackie Chan reportedly spent 12 months in the womb. His Mother therefore nicknamed him Cannonball.

20/20. Jackie Chan holds the Guinness World Record for Most Stunts by a Living Actor.

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