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3 Girls in Giant Hats Walk in, 1 Minute Later, Their Dance Moves Have The Whole Crowd In Stitches

Three girls in giant hats won the heart of their student’s body with their hilarious dance moves. The girls danced in the bid to support a little boy named Walker. One of the dancers was Walker’s sister, Ashlin.

The three girls dressed up in costumes bearing Walker’s name. They showed up on their school assembly when none of the students expected. The little dancers grabbed the attention of teachers and students until they did something that left everyone in stitches.

Ashlin and her friends danced to “Elvira,” a famous country song, in the gymnasium. It was the perfect song that matched their performance. With their heads hidden under the large hats, their legs made speedy yet matched moves. They danced in an adorable flare, and their routine wowed the audience.

The girls dance routine was captured on film. The video will bring a smile on your face. Wait till you get to the best part of dance; it is impossible not to laugh.

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