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3 Months Ago, You Couldn’t Look At His Face. Look At Him Now!

When the rescuers found him lying helpless in lonely building 3 months ago, this dog was staring into the abyss of death. He had maggots all over his head. He was in pain and had no one to help him with anything.  He was in so bad a shape that even the rescuers thought he wouldn’t survive. But they didn’t give up on him!

They sedated him, and then they got all the maggots out of his head and cleaned his wounds. He was a determined dog, after all, so he put in all his energy. He survived the worst and began his journey in a new life. Three months down the line, Teddy Bear is the healthiest and the happiest dog around. Just look at him!

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Watch the full clip here and SHARE with friends. I love this dog already!


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