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526 Good Dogs Are Rescued From A Puppy Mill – It’s A Rescue Like No Other!

Something happened last summer, and it’s the loveliest thing you’ll hear today. You see, there’s this good lady, Victoria Stilwell, and she’s such a great dog trainer. During that blessed period, she did something that brought a whole community together. You won’t believe it!

This lady happened to know about a certain long-time operating puppy mill. The place had been in operation since the 80s, but this time, someone caring found out about it. Soon, the cops got in and busted the ring, with all those involved in it getting some good 25 years to cool their inhuman heels behind the bars. About 526 dogs were saved from the cruel puppy mill!

What’s more? When the pups were finally put up for adoption, the whole community came out and took them all. Every dog now had a forever home. And the good things didn’t stop there for the lucky dogs. One year later, their owners organized a catch-up party for them all. Wow!

Check out this cool clip right here for more the more detailed story. You’ll love the look on those lovely cuties. You need to SHARE this on Facebook right now!


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