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8-year-old blind cat grabs woman’s hand at shelter with his paws and refuse to let go.

Cats are among the most amazing pets. They are as old as human history is. They are easy to live with, they are clean and they do not need to be toilet trained. You just give them a place to poop such as a sandbox and that is it. Most cats are born in perfect health and unless someone poisons them, they rarely get sick. That is why the cat in the video below is an exception.

It is blind and has been that way since it was a kitten. For some reason, it was born blind. Life has not been easy for it, knowing how cats love to play and run over roofs. The good news is that it belongs to a loving family. It plays with toys that use sound and motion to arouse its curiosity. People say that cats have nine lives; it could be that this one already lost one and it escaped without its eyes.

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