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A 96-year-old Woman wants to sell her house. the realtor can’t believe What he found inside

Her house looked like a typical one from the outside, but THIS is what it had inside.

#1 A pleasant surprise

A Toronto-based realtor was very surprised after visiting a house a 96-year-old woman wanted to sell. It looked like an ordinary suburb house from the outside, but he couldn’t believe what it looked like inside.

#2 She has lived there for 72 years

It was perfectly decorated, and according to the owner, who has lived in the house for 72 years, it has only been renovated once!

#3 50’s style

The style is like taking a trip through time back to the 50’s, when this charming style was very popular.

#4 Detailed

The old woman used to work as a seamstress, and you can tell that she likes to take care of every single detail around the house.

#5 Unique rooms

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The colors, furniture and decorations are all perfectly coordinated, but each room is still unique.

#6 Bedroom

The woman decorated it all and clearly likes pink, but her husband had one request for her when it came to their bedroom: no pink, please.

#7 Cocktail room

It even has a fully-equipped bar and cocktail room, and everything is completely authentic!

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