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97-Year-Old Veteran Who Survived Dunkirk. His Reaction After Watching Movie Premiere Makes Headlines

Back in 1940, the world was at war with itself. Armies clashed, people died, others survived with injuries. Anyone who lived through this period would still cringe at the atrocious memories of the World War 2. It’s even more hard-hitting when the person in question happens to be a veteran officer like 97-year-old Ken Sturdy.

Ken fought in the Battle of Dunkirk on the French beach in 1940. He was there. For decades, he fled from the flooding memories of the horrible experiences of the war. But he couldn’t keep himself from coming out when a movie titled Battle of Dunkirk hit the theaters.

Ken needed to inspect this movie to judge whether it represented the battle accurately, so he showed up at the theater to watch the premier showing. Boy did he turn heads!

Ken later gave an interview with a TV station, and you want to see what he had to say. He has a great lesson to dispense. Humans should know better!

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