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Abandoned dog gives birth to her puppies while tied up alone in the middle of nowhere

Lara is a mixed breed mama apparently with a heftydose of pit bull, whose former keepers banished her to a short chain in a forest inNafplion, Greece immediately before she gave birth.

Despite having no food, no water, and no support whatsoever, Lara gave birth to four puppies during her 10-day ordeal. She did her best to care for her babies until rescued.

Literally skin and bones, she still nursed them and kept them near her.

She eventually was rescued, and she and her pups were cared for by some committed volunteers. ONe of the the little ones did not survive the extreme deprivation, but the other three puppies not only survived but thrived. Lara also came completely out of her shell.

She is as generous with kisses to her rescuers as she is with her now roly poly pups. It was a magical transformation of a tenaciousmom and her feisty trio of puppies.

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