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The Acapella Version Of “Hallelujah” Will Excite Your Eardrums

Music is food for the soul. Music is a language that is universally understood by all.

Most of the people appreciate good music. Humans are the only species that have the capability to create and appreciate music. It is one of the factors that make humans unique.

Some of the songs we hear stick with us forever. We will love others and hate others in equal measure. Music evokes some emotions in us.

One of the songs that bring out a sea of emotions isPentatonix’s cover of “Hallelujah.”“Hallelujah” is a song that has been sung across various generations. It is one of those few songs that you will recognize and love without second guessing.

The song is a classic in its unique way. However, an acapella group gave the song a dramatic edge.  I love the way the voices of the singers blend. It is a heavenly sound to the ears.

Let us talk about the video. The setting is in a vast landscape, with the sunset and mountains in the background. Watch the video and listen to the melodious voices of the singers.

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