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Adorable Dog Gets Rescued From Frigid River Waters

This video shows the touching rescue of a pup that was abandoned on an island in the river. Rescuers found him in the middle of a frigid winter. He was hungry, tired, and simply wanted to get warm. Thankfully, the rescuers in this video were able to pull their boat into the island and rescue this pup so they could take care of him.

This sweet dog was in need of a meal, a bath, and a warm place to stay. He had been alone and hungry for quite awhile and may have starved to death if rescuers had not taken the time to rescue him from his predicament. Thankfully, this little fella was taken care of and then given to a couple who was looking for a doggie to add to their family. This little guy was truly lucky he was rescued just in time! These rescuers need to be honored for their continued efforts in protecting the lives of abandoned animals!

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