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Adorable Dog Uses Cat As His Soft Pillow

This Golden Retriever and cat are the best of friends, proving cats and dogs can get along. In this video, these two are cuddled up together, sleeping the day away in total relaxation. At one point in the video, the dog lifts his head and lays down on the warm cat’s body, offering him a soft and comfy pillow.

What an adorable pair these two are! They do not fight and have no trouble getting along at all. When it comes time to nap, they absolutely love cuddling together to stay warm. Nothing beats the warmth that is expressed through these two friends as they enjoy their cozy slumber! Dog and cat lovers are going to rejoice over this video because it is too adorable for words! Who would have thought exact opposites could find such comfort in one another! Enjoy this video and feel free to pass it on to your friends so they can enjoy it too.

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