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Andrea Bocelli and Tori Kelly Perform The Prayer Live in Seattle

World-famous singer Tori Kelly invites the young performer Andrea Bocelli onto the stage at his concert in Seattle to perform the timeless classic “The Prayer” for a stadium full of adoring fans.

The balance between his veteran showmanship and her youthful enthusiasm provides this song with a new life that past performances never quite achieved.

The Seattle Symphony Orchestra plays in the background, providing a high level of supporting music to the singing, and a degree of class to the entire performance. The crowd is enthralled by the heavenly performance of this powerful song from the start until the very end.

When the duet is finished, the pair are showered with adulation from the crowd for a long time. When the cheering starts to die down, they take their bows and thank the crowd for showing so much support and appreciation. They then leave the stage to on-going cheers and praise.

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