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If your arm tendon raises up when you touch your pinky with your thumb. Here’s what it means

Have you ever wondered what you use the appendix for? What about the tonsils and that wrist muscle that happens to stick out every time you push up your thumb against the pinkie? You’re about to dig some real facts right here!

You see, humans have undergone evolution for a long time, meaning that some of the body parts eventually became obsolete. Although some of these parts disappeared during the process of evolution, some like the appendix, the wrist muscle and the tonsils are still retained, but they’re not used in any way. Other structures include the skin goosebumps and wisdom teeth. All of these structures are no longer used, and that means that for some people who don’t have the wrist muscle, they’re not affected in any way since having the muscle doesn’t add any strength to the grip.

This is really surprising and equally interesting, so go ahead and watch the full video here, then SHARE it on Facebook and let your buddies get amazed too. You might want to drop a comment to tell us how wide your eyes popped out when you learnt of this. Do that now!

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