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The Audience Couldn’t Stay Still When They Heard Tori Kelly and Andrea Bocelli Performing ‘The Prayer’

When these two voices blend together and sing “The Prayer”, you will feel awed by the talent that you hear. These are two singers that know just what they are doing when they open their mouths, and they sing this song in a really special way. They are able to make it be something better than it has ever been before. These are two singers that you might not have even thought would go together, but their voices are really great together.

Tori Kelly and Andrea Bocelli do this song justice. They are so great together, and you are going to enjoy watching them perform this song together. They are both professionals, and they know just what to do to make this song great. They really give it their all, and they are able to make it into something truly special. You will love watching this video to see what the two of them do.

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