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Baby bear couldn’t cross the road with his family, Cop steps in and saves the day

In the video below, an officer stopped his car to help the bear cross the road with its puppies. However, the bear kept going back and forth across the road.

It turns out that a slow puppy that had fallen behind. The mother bear was reluctant to leave it behind, it kept going back to encourage it to catch up. Unfortunately, it couldn’t and the family had to move on without it. An animal rescue team took it and as soon as it recovers, they will give it back to the family.

Watching that video got me thinking, is it wonderful how animals love their young ones? Unfortunately, we humans do not love our won as much.

Well, some love their children while others simply want to get rid of them the moment they conceive them. The worry is that if they cannot raise them, no one will help them do it. So why bother? Maybe as a society we have failed to be our brother’s keeper.

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