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Baby Elephant Abandoned By His Herd Is Depressed Until He Meets An Unlikely Friend. I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before!

You are about to meet the most unlikely pair of buddies; an elephant and a dog. The elephant commonly referred to as baby Ellie lives in an orphanage in South Africa. Unlike the other animals in the orphanage that are victims of poaching, baby Ellie was rejected by his herd.

When the elephant was brought to the orphanage, the vet discovered he had a condition that greatly affected the blood supply in his body. His medical condition required intensive nursing, but the baby elephant pulled through. Also, the animal developed a severe allergic reaction to milk. However, the staff at the orphanage has developed a special formula for the elephant.

Life was lonely for the baby elephant till Duma, a former sniffer dog became his friend. Since elephants operate as a herd, it was a difficult transition for the elephant. However, when Duma came in Ella’s life, things have changed.

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