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Baby goat meets a Chihuahua puppy starting their lovely friendship

If you visit Farm Creamery, which is located Maine, then you are assured for seeing several baby goats. Not long ago, a baby goat was brought into the farm. Since it was a new environment, the young goat dearly needed to make new friends.

That is how the young goat came to meet an 8-week-old Chihuahua called Lola.While there were other dogs on the farm – a pug and an English Mastiff – it is only Lola, who was interested to play with the baby goat. Though a bit shy, Lola also thought the perfect time to make a friend was due.

At the farm, there were other two baby goats – lady Bug and Princess Leia – who also welcomed Lola into the new circle of friends. At the end, Lola assumes she is a goat and behaves like one. You love to watch the adorable encounter in the next clip below.

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