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Baby Orangutan caged and fed nothing but condensed milk has a miraculous transformation after getting rescued

This poor baby animal was abused and neglected since he was born. Budi was a baby orangutan that was kept in a small cage that was designed for a chicken. The baby was fed nothing but condensed milk and he was dying.

When the animal rescue group first got to Budi it was not looking to good. He was too sick to even sit up. He was yelling in pain and was malnourished. He had to be fed from a bottle and eventually started to get better.

The vet even had to proper this baby up on a pillow to give him some movement. He was in a lot of pain but he slowly began to move on his own. He still has a long road until he gets better but at least now he is getting the love and the care that he needs. He has his own bed and is around humans that love him.

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