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This Bait Dog’s Rescue Was The Best, What A Horrific Situation!

The dog is a man’s best and loyal friend. However, that is not always the case. In the streets of Michigan, some people are using the dogs for the wrong purposes.The Michigan Humane Society uncovers situations where dogs are used for bait fighting. Read on!The cruelty investigators from the Michigan Humane Society respond to an emergency call.

There is a stray dog in a dumpster. The dog is skinny and famished. Once on site, the officers put a leash on the dog. They help the dog out of the trash since it is too weak. The dog is fed, hydrated and given a bath before taking it to the doctor.

There are certain parameters the dog must pass before being declared fit for adoption. In the clip, we see the rescued dog eating ravenously. It does not look healthy at all. The cruelty investigations officers often receive calls about stray dogs. Some of the rescued dogs have to endure a difficult life. Most of them are found in vacant homes and abandoned places. Naturally, they look sick and pale because they do not have enough food.

Congratulations to the Michigan Humane Society for exposing the tribulations the dogs undergo and saving them too, Did the story touch you? Kindly SHARE with friends and family on Facebook!

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