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A Beauty Queen Demonstrates Her Strength of Character For The Talent Competition

Beauty pageants are often criticized for the fact that they celebrate the physical appearance of women instead of their other qualities. The beauty queen portrayed in this video seems to have found her own way to work around that problem.

Rather than sing, play an instrument, or twirl a baton, the beauty queen in this video delivers a heartwarming speech that she made to a patient of hers during her work as a nurse.

She actually appeared on stage with a stethoscope and a nurse’s scrubs instead of a form-fitting evening dress or something else that would emphasize her body instead of her other characteristics. Her speech was very heartwarming, and its content and its context both made it extremely memorable.

It would be excellent if her performance helped set a new standard for beauty queens. This is a video that people should please SHARE on Facebook, since they might help encourage more performances like this.

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