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Best friends have spent their entire life roaming the streets. Now, they get to play together while being safe and loved

Rescue From The Hart got contacted and informed about two puppies that were abandoned on East Los Angeles streets. The local residents found it difficult to help but the dogs could not allow them to get even closer to them.

At first the rescuers thought it would be easy for them but one puppy never trusted them and when the other got closer to them she kept warning him not to get closer. You can tell from the ways she was barking and was a bit far from them. The rescue team had to get the girl first by setting up a trap for her to get in.

Finally, the trap worked out and the two friends were rescued. The two puppies became friends for so long while staying in the streets. They look so happy together and love it in the rescue home. They are ready to be adopted with a nice family that can raise them well.

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