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Birds return the gesture to little who was feeding them

It’s like a fairy tale stories we hear

An eight-year-old girl named Gabi Mann made quite the discovery one day when she noticed a crow scooping up some lunch that she had dropped behind. She enjoyed the interaction and started to feed the neighborhood crows some peanuts on a daily basis. That’s when something magical happened.

It all took an interesting turn one day when the crows started to ‘pay’ for their food.

Gabi started to find small trinkets left behind.

At first she thought it was a coincidence, but the collection started to grow.

Gabi and her mother couldn’t believe that the crows were leaving gifts for food. It’s almost as if they were showing their appreciation.

Her favorite piece? A heart-shaped pearl that she sees as a symbol of the birds’ love and thanks.

The exchanging of the peanuts for gifts has brought great joy into this little girl’s life. What a story!


Sounds like something straight out of a fairy-tale! Just amazing. 🙂

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