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Black Friesian Stallion is by far the world’s most handsome horse in the world

Horses are among the most spoken about animals in the stories of human civilization. They have helped man conquer nature and fellow men. Before someone invented the internal combustion engine, the horses drew carriages and ploughed fields, and we used them to ride into battles.

People loved them for their energy as well as gracefulness. In ancient civilization, a horse was more like a tank. It was just hard to fight a soldier riding a horse if you were on foot. They could easily move around in most terrains and they rarely got sick.

They are smart and they easily remember their way home. However, since the engines replaced horses as the source of energy for all kinds of machines, horses have become symbols of nobility and pride.

In this video, we are treated to a example of a majestic horse. Just watching this Friesian horse with its long mane is just amazing. If you love lots of long hair, then this horse could be your symbol of beauty.
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