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Creepy stranger drags 12-year-old back to car when boy remembers parents’ lesson to outsmart him


12-year-old Duncan was walking home from his cousin’s house when a man drove by in a car and tried to snatch him from the street.

In a move that’s every parent’s worst nightmare, the despicable stranger attempted to lure Duncan with the promise of candy.

As Duncan crossed the street near a local park, he noticed a car parked on the corner.

Suddenly, the man behind the wheel started yelling at Duncan, trying to lure him with sweets.

“Hey kid, do you want some candy?” he asked.

But the creep wasn’t prepared for Duncan’s ingenious trick – one that taught the man a lesson he won’t soon forget…

Image Source: Yahoo!

That men and women lurk around schools or on the street and try to lure children into their cars with gifts is nothing new.

Parents have been warning their kids against the promise of sweets and puppies from strangers for a long time now.

Yet when 12-year-old Duncan was walking home from his cousin’s house, he grew anxious when he passed a stationary car with a suspicious looking man inside. The man wound down his window and, as per Fox13, shouted:

“Hey kid, do you want some candy?”

Duncan immediately gave a defiant ‘No’ to the question, but the stranger wasn’t dissuaded.

He proceeded to step out of his car, walk towards Duncan and reportedly grabbed him by his shirt.

Image Source: Yahoo!

Duncan’s retaliation

He then attempted to drag Duncan towards his car. It was then that the 12-year-old turned to a brilliant trick that his parents had taught him.

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