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Bride Gives Fiancé’s Brain-Damaged Sister A Note, But When Mom Looks Inside? I’m In Tears!

Jessica was a brilliant, lively young lady, but that’s before fate played a number on her. One day, she had a terrible accident while out on a date. She got thrown out of the vehicle through the window as the car rolled over multiple times. She was injured, and this injury was to leave a permanent mark on her.

The accident rendered her almost permanently unconscious. Jessica is 28 today. She’s making improvement. She can now follow people’s movements with her eyes. But that’s not what this clip is about. It’s about this one special moment her sister-in-law pulled a great surprise on her. You want to see this!

So Jessica’s brother, Derrick, is planning to tie the knot with his girlfriend, Nichole Sullivan. Now, Nichole happens to be one of those people who wants everyone “in” on their plan, so she decides to do something that’s now taking the internet by storm. She presented a card to Jessica. You can’t miss this scene!

 Jessica’s mom can’t handle the excitement. Click here and watch the clip to see what’s going on.

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