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Bullies called her “giraffe” in middle school.8 years later, she has a surprise for all

Holly Burt towered over her classmates when she was in middle school. Holly was sixfeet tall when she turned 12.

Holly comes from a family of tall people. She is the youngest and the tallest in her family. She was even taller than her teachers in second grade. Bullies would call her names like giraffe and tree.

BarcroftTV caught up with Holly in 2015. The beautiful blonde is a design student. She also hopes to be the current record holder of the person with the longest legs in the country

Holly measures 49.5 inches from the hips to the legs. However, being extremely tall has its fair share of challenges. She cannot find clothes that fit. Also, she has troubletraveling in cars and planes.

Holly has to deal with the stares and comments from the people. However, it has made her a stronger person.

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