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Can You Pass This Tricky Difficult Phrase Quiz? Find Out.

There are many different rules governing the English language that revolve around everything from grammar and spelling to composition and proper sentence structure. We normally never really have to stop and think about them because they become second nature to us once we reach a certain age. Plus, much of the more confusing and difficult language nuances rarely factor into our daily lives or conversations.

It seems that in today’s high-tech world most of us simply rely on spell check to correct our spelling and grammar errors. When we do make mistakes, they often are either ignored or overlooked. With an ever increasing number of people shortening and abbreviating sentences or using emojis in their text messages to get their point across, practicing proper English is becoming somewhat of a lost art!

If you were tested right now on some of the most difficult English phrases, how well do you think you would do? Maybe you have absolute faith in your grammar skills and assume you’d score 100%, or perhaps you’re the complete opposite and have no faith in them! Either way, here is your chance to put your knowledge and skills to the test. This quiz features 20 of the most common phrases that people mess up over and over time and time again! Whether they misspell a tricky word or get confused about where an apostrophe goes, if it’s even needed, the following types of sentence arrangements are constantly tripping people up.

In the end, if you are able to complete the twenty phrases, it means you are well-versed in some of the most confusing grammar and spelling areas that the English language has to offer. Try it now and see how well you score.

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Good luck and enjoy!

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