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Can You Really Cook A Pizza In The Backseat Of Your Car?

This video is meant to talk about a serious subject but it grabs your attention with humor first. In this video, a chef is showing you how you can make a pizza inside your car. All you need to do is prepare the pizza and then put it in the backseat while you are shopping or at your job. When you come out, your pizza will be nice and piping hot.

As you will see, the pizza is a little burnt when the chef opens his car door. This will make you laugh when you see the mishap but the chef is simply trying to make a point that will hit home with everyone. He is warning everyone of how hot the car can become in the middle of summer and urging everyone to make sure no children are left inside. When you look at the pizza, hopefully, it will make you realize children can be killed in a hot car!

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