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You Can’t Beat Norbert The Dog When It Comes To Appreciation. This Stole My Heart!

Without doubt, dogs treasure treat time so much, and every dog always looks forward to it. I believe they could have said a lot about it if they had the ability to talk. Their happy aww-faces say a lot when they are about to taste the yummy food.

If you are used to giving your dog a treat once, then its mind is normally programmed to receive it at that particular moment. It can’t abuse your generosity by requesting for more even when it thinks it should have had some extra. So Norbert the dog couldn’t believe it when he learned that his owner was about to give him a treat for the second time. He put on his face the best reaction you can ever expect.

If you don’t know Norbert the dog, then it is worth knowing that he has recently become a celebrity. There are those who believe his fame is associated with his tiny tongue which pops out when it is least expected, and those who believe it is his fluffy grayish ears are responsible for that. But in the clip below, his tongue must be responsible for that.

On his official website, he is described as a therapy dog and recently, he celebrated his 7th birthday. When that happened, more than 6,000 people wished him all the best and that shows many people out there adore him. Kindly watch the incredible moment and SHARE with your family and friends!


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