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Cat neglected for years by her Alzheimer’s-suffering owner is found covered in matted fur ‘dreadlocks’

When Paul Russel went to Pittsburg to visit his sick relative, he had no idea there was something in that house that would make him shake with surprise. He was soon to find out something very shocking about the family cat!

When his relative was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, he was given a cat. You see, pets are good for such people. Just caring for some being keeps their minds active and alert. Well, this guy happened to have the best of the cats!

So Paul is just making rounds around the house. He figures he should probably leave some food for the cat, and so he does. But there’s something he doesn’t know yet, and when he does, he’s going to freak out big-time!

As he searched for the cat around the house, something darted from under the bed. It was a huge being with pounds matted fur on it. He freaked out. What was that?!

Turns out, the man of the house had two cats. Wow. Check this out and SHARE right away!

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